Our College ALMANAC is in your hand this almanac is not a simple almanac but it has certain order to be obeyed, certain dreams to be fulfilled, certain promises to be kept and certain step to be enhanced to touch the sky with glory. I am at the zenith of pleasure remembering responses tendered by this auspicious and worth society of Siwan. I had not every thought that a simple effort of our shall achieve such reputation and positive results what your school ttained in the usul course. I feel bound to invigorate our nation with every molecule of my enistance. Your being part and parcel of this institution are solemony rendered with a great responsibility of achieving some certain destination to add with your sweat and effert to your beloved country as it can achieve its age long image of 'JAGADGURU' in this age of globlisation. We have certain challenges before us we will touch all the destination with our commitment and devotion.

Thanking You...
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