Our Mission & Vision

Good Education is a journey, not a destination.
We at 'THE BTT COLLEGE' dedicate ourselves to
keep our 'Chariot of Knowledge' running, inspired
by our missionary zeal and untiring efforts to apply
the latest educational techniques while maintaining
the ethos of Traditional Indian System of Learning.

To inculcate in our children love for learning.
To nurture well rounded personalities who are confident, creative and able to adjust and adopt to any circumstances of environment.
To lead by example and be good role models so that our children imbibe our qualities and take pride in what they do.

We care for our values and belief and aim for a
perfect balance of complementary factors:
ancient and modern, traditional and innovative.
Our students will be knowledgeable, confident,
meticulous, self reliant and above all great citizens.

Preparing global citizens committed to humanistic
values and democratic traditions with strong
secular ethos.

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